About Meridith

I have been sewing since before I was 10, when my mother first introduced me to her 30-year-old olive-green Kenmore machine. My first projects were little drawstring bags, which I handed out to everyone I knew. I eventually moved on to wearable items, simple tops and skirts, and for my senior prom I designed and made my own dress of plum purple silk crepe.

In college I investigated the history of clothing and fashion through a cultural lens during my pursuit of an American Studies degree at Smith College. I worked in the costume shop of the theater department, where I learned tricks of the trade and how to fit a garment on another body.

Upon graduation I went home to Hawaii and worked as a wardrobe stylist and costumer for television, film, and theater. I worked two seasons on ‘LOST’, received screen credit for ‘Tropic Thunder’, and spent several seasons dressing and sewing for the Hawaii Opera Theater. This is also when I began to hone my unique vintage style. I loved the challenge of taking a Hawaiian mu’umu’u from the 60s that was made from a gorgeous fabric, for example, and refashioning it into a cute, form-fitting dress.

Next I moved to New York City to pursue a career in fashion. While I did take a class in pattern-making at FIT and continue to work on personal projects, my life in NY was largely about professional expansion. After a couple of years in retail working as a specialist for a high-end denim boutique, I moved up to the corporate world as a national sales representative. These positions gave me experience in customer service and insight into the business of clothing production.

In 2013 I made the leap to the west coast and currently reside in Portland, OR. A big motivation for leaving New York was my desire to get back to my creative roots--to sewing, styling, working with my hands--to Kula Industries! Kula Industries is the culmination of my experience across the broad industry of clothing and style. It combines my interests and skills into a personalized dress-making service that is inspired by vintage fashion and shaped by you.

Kula Industries is tailor-made for bridal parties, but equally fitting for individual dresses for anything from your summer get-away to prom to your favorite new work outfit. Please check out my process page for details on how it all works. Or contact me directly so we can chat!